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Hello there! My name is Brittany. I live outside Nashville with my husband and son.

Even at a young age I discovered that many foods made me feel badly but I never knew why. As the years progressed my health declined. In my early twenties I was at my lowest point. I was purposefully eating once a day every other day. Partly due to my body seemingly rejecting everything I was eating, partly because I was tired of being sick, and looking back now partly because it was my way of trying to cope with loss. I had nonstop headaches, my hair was falling out, and I was losing too much weight. By age 25 I had symptoms so crippling that I became unable to work. After quitting both of my jobs I eventually went to see a functional medicine doctor.

Prior to this no other doctor had been able to give me any idea of what was going on. Infinite guesses and countless prescribed medications that didn't work or that I didn't want to take were all I was ever given. 

I wasn't healing. I was in a downward spiral and becoming even more stressed. 

Finally working with my functional medicine doctor as well as a nutritionist was the first time I started to gain a real and deep understanding of wellness and holistic health.

It is my sincerest desire that I can strive to incorporate what I have learned over the years into what I offer here.